Pipe Condition Assessment

CCTV Pipe Assessments

At Southern Cross Environmental Services, we offer customised pipe condition assessments to meet a wide range of requirements. Whether you need to identify a blockage or require a complete survey of a catchment area, our services are designed to cater to your specific needs. Our services are:

Advanced Technology and Reporting

Understanding the importance of minimising disturbances in urban settings, our CCTV units are equipped with silent running capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for night operations and in areas where noise reduction is crucial.

Our CCTV inspections produce detailed reports, including structural and serviceability ratings. These reports offer an overall condition assessment of the assets, adhering to WSA and IPWEA standards. This thorough analysis ensures that our clients receive precise and actionable information.

In addition to identifying defects, Southern Cross Environmental Services provides expert recommendations for pipe rehabilitation. This proactive approach helps in planning effective maintenance and repair strategies.

Download Sample Report

This is an example of the detailed report you will receive.

CCTV van

GIS Mapping of Pipe Assets

We also offer advanced Graphic Information System (GIS) mapping of pipeline assets. Utilising Utility Track technology, we can create detailed GIS maps, enhancing the management and tracking of pipeline networks. This service is invaluable for long-term asset management and strategic planning.

Southern Cross Environmental Services offers a holistic approach to pipeline condition assessment, combining cutting-edge technology with tailored solutions to ensure the integrity and efficiency of your pipeline infrastructure. Our services are not just about identifying issues but also about providing the insights and strategies needed for effective management and maintenance.