Southern Cross Environmental Services activities encompass all stages of the remediation process and project management from detection, investigation, assessment, determination of remedial measure, actual clean–up and treatment of contaminants, to site redevelopment.

Our Environmental Remediation Services include:

PFAS Contamination Management

Using advanced remediation techniques for safe and effective environmental cleanup. Read more

Hazardous Waste Management

Utilising state-of-the-art methods for secure and responsible disposal of dangerous materials. Read more

GPT Cleans

Advanced cleaning services for efficient and eco-friendly pollutant removal. Read more

Project Management

For civil and environmental remediation projects, ensuring efficient execution and compliance with environmental standards.

Investigation & Design

Our network of environmental specialists can offer a range of assessment, design, and planning services to deal with a range of known and emerging contaminants including PFAS.

Vacuum Excavation

Remediation Execution

Southern Cross Environmental Services has extensive experience in providing civil services for large maintenance and industrial cleaning and remediation projects. We coordinate the treatment of hazardous and regulated waste as well as contaminated soil and groundwater.

Treating Contaminants

Southern Cross Environmental Services partners with various treatment facilities that accept and process all forms of hazardous waste, contaminated soil, sludges, chemicals, liquids. The facilities utilise a combination of the following EPA approved and leading edge treatment processes to achieve best environmental outcome:

Southern Cross Environmental Services can also provide contaminated soil transport and disposal services, through our broad network of industry partner haulage contractors and licensed landfill disposal facilities. We can also provide dump dockets and waste tracking certificates.

Licences and Accreditations

We take our safety and environmental obligations seriously

We provide quality safety-focused services, both big and small, in the Civil Construction industry.


Southern Cross Environmental Services takes every aspect of its safety and environmental obligations seriously and has an internationally certified Health, Safety & Environment Management System (HSEMS) that plays an integral role throughout the business.


We are a leading Australian Underground Service Locating company with a national reach holding certification including Telstra, Energex, Ergon Energy, BMA, and Thiess.

We are also Dial Before You Dig certified locators for optic fibres.